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The Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska. Just a few minutes out of downtown Juneau. A great place to go. I have hiked up on both sides, have been in an ice cave underneath and have briefly climbed up on it. I have also kayaked in the lake at the bottom and touced an iceberg (granted it was a small one). This is not the brightest thing to do since they melt in the water and can flip over at any time. But I always wanted to do that so I took the risk.

Although it does not look very big in this picture it is huge.

Juneau is often a little wet and many of the mountains are steep. There is also melting from the snow and ice on the glaciers. So you see lots of these beautiful mountain streams. This is just at the edge of town, a few blocks from downtown.

Somewhere on the way to the glacier.

Near the glacier. Bad weather comes in real fast so you have to be ready.

Inside in ice cave underneath the glacier.

As I saw on the web once "Go outside the graphics are beautiful".

The mountains are nice anytime of day.

Misty day.

Downtown Juneau.

A closer photo of the glacier.

In case you haven't guessed that's me.

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